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How I Tried IGET Vapes To Stop Smoking Tobacco

IGET vape is a smoking cessation product that has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. I got curious about how it works and decided to give it a try. In this article, I'll tell you how I tried it out and what my results were.

What are IGET vapes?

IGET vapes are devices that use heat and air to vaporize CBD and other cannabinoids. This allows you to enjoy a clean, healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes.

How do IGET vapes work?

IGET vapes require no nicotine or tobacco, and simply heat up the device until it vaporizes CBD and other cannabinoids. This produces a high-quality vapor that is safe and healthy for you to inhale.

What are the benefits of using IGET vapes?

There are many benefits to using IGET vapes over traditional cigarettes. First and foremost, the vapes are much safer. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, which contain thousands of harmful chemicals, it use only cold temperature vaporization. This makes them a much less dangerous option for both your health and the environment. Additionally, IGET vapes provide a cleaner, healthier alternative to

My experience using vapes to stop smoking tobacco

I am a smoker for over 20 years. I have tried different methods to quit smoking tobacco, but nothing worked long term. Then I found out about IGET vapes and decided to give it a try. The first day I used the vape, I didn't even taste tobacco. It was amazing! After a few days of using the vape, the cravings for tobacco had disappeared. Now, 3 months later, I haven't smoked a single cigarette and I don't even miss them. I would highly recommend trying out IGET vapes if you are struggling to quit smoking tobacco.

You can buy IGET vapes bulk

I've been smoking tobacco for about eight years now and I've tried every quit smoking method there is. From cold turkey, to nicotine gum, to patches, to vaping, I've tried them all. I was really interested in trying the IGET vape because it looked like it could be a successful way for me to stop smoking tobacco.

The vape comes in a variety of flavors and you can buy it in bulk on Amazon. You fill the device with your chosen flavor of e-liquid and then attach it to your cigarettes like you would any other vape. The main difference between the vape and other devices is that the IGET vape doesn't use nicotine. This is supposed to help you avoid getting hooked on nicotine and helping you to stop smoking tobacco completely.

I decided to give the IGET vape a try and I was really impressed with how well it worked! The first few days were really tough but after that, things started to get easier and easier. Now, almost two months after using the IGET vape, I'm finally able to say that I'm quit smoking tobacco entirely thanks to this device!

The pros and cons of using IGET vapes to stop smoking tobacco

IGET vapes are a great way to stop smoking tobacco. They provide a nicotine fix, help you stay focused, and help you quit smoking tobacco. But there are also some cons to using these vapes. First, they can be expensive. Second, they can be difficult to use. And third, they may not be effective for everyone.


I have been a smoker for over 25 years. I've tried every imaginable method to quit smoking, from the classic cold turkey method to using nicotine replacement therapy (NRTs). But nothing worked until I tried IGET vapes.

IGET vapes are a new kind of electronic cigarette that uses a cartridge filled with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin instead of tobacco. Propylene glycol is an FDA-approved food additive that helps preserve food, while vegetable glycerin is a natural product derived from plants and has many health benefits, such as promoting skin elasticity and reducing inflammation.

I started using IGET vapes in January of this year and slowly but surely my craving for cigarettes disappeared. I still get urges to smoke sometimes, but by using IGET vapes I'm able to control those cravings and remain abstinent without having to go through the withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting tobacco completely.

How I Tried IGET vapes To Stop Smoking Tobacco

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